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Updated atMarch 21, 2023   01:01 PM

Link a card

To facilitate the process of replenishing the balance with a bank card, you can link it to the current project. The card is linked during registration or this function is available in the "Balance" section and is activated by the "Link card" button.

In the payment settings window, specify the card number, expiration date and CV* code, then confirm the data entry with the "Add card" button. To check the card, 500 ruble will be debited and credited to the VK Cloud project account.


Or you can use the autofill function. To do this, a bank card must be linked to pay for services. After the paid period ends, the required amount will be automatically debited from the linked card.

You can set up automatic replenishment of the balance at the stage of linking the card or later in the section "Balance and payments" → "Add card" → "Auto-replenishment". To activate, select the amount for autofill, which will be credited when the threshold of the balance on the account is reached.