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About VK CS platform

VK Cloud Solutions helps you get high-quality cloud services, build your business on them, accelerate development and save money.

VK Cloud Solutions platform was created for everyone who needs a convenient tool for building a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Platform services help solve business problems, launch applications and services.


Business process automation capabilities in the cloud are redefining operations management and bringing flexibility to IT infrastructure . You can quickly change the amount of resources involved and connect additional services of the cloud platform without expensive integrator services.


Automating DevOps processes in the cloud reduces time to market and removes many reliability and security issues from the developer. In the cloud, you can build CI / CD processes based on standard solutions.

fault tolerance

The VK Cloud Solutions platform takes into account the requirements of high reliability, security and resistance to peak loads, the absence of a single point of failure.

The cost

The “subscription service” model with per-second billing allows you to control your expenses and fully utilize the leased capacity. Simple billing and the ability to pre- and post-pay helps you plan costs.