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Service activation

Linking a phone number

One phone number can be linked to no more than two accounts.

If you fail to register a phone number at this stage, registration can be postponed with the Enter later button, then return to this stage when you go to any of the VK Cloud services of your personal account.

After entering the number, an SMS will be sent to the specified phone, the confirmation code from which should be entered in the confirmation field.

In case of successful confirmation of the phone number, you will see a message about the possibility of activating services.

Now you can fully use the account by clicking the Enable Services button.

Phone number activation is available only for mobile operators operating in the territory of the Russian Federation and starting with +7.

If this message appears, then all data is confirmed and the services are ready for use.

Linking a bank card

In order for your services to work correctly, link a bank card to the created account: specify the card details in the field of the same name. If there are enough funds on the account for the first debit, the card will be successfully linked.

Up to 500 rubles can be debited as a starting amount. This amount is credited to the balance of your project.

The first (test) debit from the card cannot be refunded.