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Updated atAugust 18, 2023   12:48 PM

Quick Start

A quick start will help you get started with VK Cloud:

  • register in the platform and log in to your personal account;
  • configure the initial settings of the new project that is created automatically;
  • connect to the project via OpenStack command line interface (CLI).

1. Register an account

  1. Create a VK Cloud account.

  2. Confirm your account.

During the registration, a new VK Cloud project is created for your account. In the personal account page that opens, you can create and connect the necessary objects: virtual machines, databases, etc.

After the account confirmation, services in the project are activated, and welcome bonus points are credited to the project balance.

2. Enable two-factor authentication for your account

Configure two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account.

2FA is required for working with the platform via API, OpenStack CLI, Terraform, and other tools.

3. (Optional) Invite other users

In the project that is created for your account, you have Project owner permissions. Invite users to your project and assign them with roles.

4. (Optional) Turn on mandatory 2FA in the project

To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, turn on mandatory 2FA for all users:

  1. Click on the user login in the top bar of the personal account page. From the drop-down list, select Manage access.

  2. On the page that opens, enable the Mandatory two-factor authentication option.

Mandatory 2FA can be turned on and off at any moment. After the option is turned on, all users need to set up 2FA for their accounts.

5. Connect to the project via OpenStack CLI

Before you begin:

To connect via CLI:

  1. Install OpenStack сlient and authenticate yourself in the project.

  2. To check the connection, open a console and run a command, for example:

    openstack configuration show

    Upon successful connection, the current configuration of the OpenStack client will be shown.

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