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Cloud Compute

VK Cloud Solutions Servers is a cloud computing service that allows you to manage virtual machines on the VK Cloud Solutions platform. Includes management of configurations of instances, disks, images, backups, allows you to create file storage.

Create VM

Step by step creation of a virtual machine of different types and configurations.

Connect to VM

Description of methods and tools for connecting to the created virtual instances.

Manage VM

Description of the possibilities for managing a virtual machine, its resources and statuses.


Backing up instances in both automatic and manual mode will help protect yourself from data loss.


An integral part of working with a virtual machine is disks. Thanks to the different types of disks, the virtual machine gains enhanced capabilities and performance.


An image is a file that contains data from a virtual machine or a separate operating system that can be used to run locally or create an additional virtual machine.

File storage

Using file storage in a virtual environment has become easy thanks to the File Storage service, which allows you to connect additional resources to instances within a project and take full advantage of data placement in the cloud.


It is convenient to create a virtual machine in the VK CS cloud from existing virtual servers of such virtualization platforms as VMWare or Hyper-V.


A set of licensed software products, as well as the terms of their use on the VK CS platform.


The technical and technological limits of the VK CS platform to consider when planning your cloud infrastructure.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the Cloud computing service