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Updated atAugust 18, 2023   12:48 PM

Refund of funds

Unspent funds in your personal account can be returned by contacting technical support. The refund is made within 30 days.

Terms of return

  • The money can only be refunded from the main account of the project.

  • The money will be refunded:

    • for individuals — to the specified bank card on the basis of a receipt for replenishment of the project balance;
    • for legal entities — to the specified settlement account of the legal entity on the basis of an application for a refund.
  • The refund is made in the project currency.

  • Before making a refund, make sure that there are no paid resources left on the project:

    • stop VM with free licenses;
    • delete VMs with paid licenses;
    • delete load balancers;
    • make sure that there are no floating IP addresses left on the project;
    • stop or delete other paid resources.

Data for contacting technical support

  • Account name.
  • Project ID.
  • The amount to be refunded.
  • The reason for the return.
  • Details for the refund. If the bank card was linked to the project, the first 6 and last 4 digits are enough.
  • Link or screenshot of the electronic receipt / receipts about the replenishment of the project balance.