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    General description

    Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions introduces NVIDIA GPU Cloud Computing. GPU cloud computing empowers companies to tackle tasks that were previously either impossible or resource-intensive.

    Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions offers the highest performing NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs for deep neural network training and inference, including solving deep learning problems several times faster.

    NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs are designed for machine learning systems and have a high level of processing power of about 15 teraflops in single-precision operations and 7.5 teraflops in double (1 teraflops - 1 trillion operations per second, a value used to measure performance computers).


    MCS recommends using the following GPU-enabled development software:

    Server side graphics rendering

    The NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU dramatically improves server-side graphics rendering speed and improves cloud computing performance.

    NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 and Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions maximize performance; Reduce the time it takes to solve deep learning, graphical visualization and HPC challenges from days to hours.

    GPU-accelerated cloud computing

    New generations of scientific applications and tasks related to artificial intelligence and machine learning require colossal amounts of computing power that even modern CPU servers cannot handle. GPU-accelerated servers are used to successfully solve such problems.

    Depending on the type of tasks 1, a modern GPU server can replace up to 100 conventional CPU servers. This is achieved through different ways of performing tasks. The CPU is made up of multiple cores optimized for sequential processing, while the GPU uses thousands of smaller cores to efficiently process parallel tasks.

    GPU-based cloud computing will take you to the next level of performance and dramatically reduce processing time, while saving your company money.

    MCS provides a graphics card NVIDIA ® Tesla ® V100 with 16 GB of video memory.

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