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Mail.ru Cloud Containers - Kubernetes as a cloud service. The service is CNCF certified and compatible with the standard Kubernetes API. Thanks to automatic scaling (autoscaling), applications on Cloud Containers instantly receive additional capacity at the time of peak load and reduce consumption when it falls. Autoscaling saves up to 60% on computations.

Sections of Containers

Quick start

Creating a Kubernetes cluster and basic operations with it: connecting and accessing the Dashboard. 

Node groups

Basic functionality of nodes and node-groups, allowing you to easily learn how to scale the Container service. 


The structure of the interaction of the Kubernetes service with the MCS platform, cloud providers and networks. 

Manage cluster

Available operations when working with Kubernetes, from creating a cluster to managing its individual functions. 

Manage network

Management of high-load services is possible only with proper configuration of network communication and load balancing of containers. 


An important element of ensuring the safety of data is backing up the cluster and configurations. 


Using the Kubernetes service management software on the MCS platform significantly reduces the time it takes to process and execute application deployment or uninstallation operations. 


Restrictions in MCS services are aimed solely at comfort for all users without exception. Without technical constraints, the service would be overloaded and would not be fast and smooth.