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    Hosting static websites

    The Object Storage service allows you to use resources for hosting static sites based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. The store can also be used to forward requests.


    The bucket used for hosting cannot be used to host scripts that require running on the web server side.

    Domain binding

    To provide access to bucket objects using links leading to a unique site, you can bind your domain on the "Bind Domain" tab.


    1. Register a domain with any hosting provider
    2. Create a subdomain that will be used for the created bucket
    3. Link subdomain in MCS panel

    After binding, the bucket will be available via a link of the form:

     http: // <backet_name>. <website_address>. <domain_zone>


    When you create a bucket with a period (.) Character in the name, it will only be available when using the HTTP protocol. If you need to use the HTTPS protocol, you must install an SSL certificate.

    Installing an SSL Certificate

    To install a personal SSL certificate, you should contact technical support , specifying the project, bucket data and providing an SSL certificate for installation.

    After installing the certificate, the bucket will be available via a link of the form:

     https: // <packet_name>. <website_address>. <domain_zone>

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