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    Signed URLs

    A pre-signed URL grants access to the object specified in the URL, provided that the creator of the pre-signed URL has permission to access that object.

    Pre-signed URLs are useful when you want a user / client to be able to upload a specific object to a bucket, but don't need them to have MCS credentials or security permissions.

    Using pre-signed URLs, any user can perform operations in Object Storage, for example:

    • Download object
    • Upload object
    • Create bucket

    When creating a pre-signed URL, you need to provide:

    • Your security credentials (access keys)
    • Specify bucket name
    • Object key
    • HTTP method
    • Date
    • Expiration time

    Pre-signed URLs are only valid for the specified period. It is possible to use the pre-signed URL multiple times, up to the expiration date and time.


    You can programmatically generate a pre-signed URL using the REST API, AWS CLI, and AWS SDK for Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and Python.

    The AWS SDK uses version 4 signature by default to authenticate requests. When using AWS signed version 3 SDKs, you might need to request signature version 4 from the service.

    General view of the signed URL

     https://hb.bizmrg.com/ <bucket_name> / <key_name>?
    X-Amz-Algorithm = AWS4-HMAC-SHA256
    & X-Amz-Expires = <time interval in seconds>
    & X-Amz-SignedHeaders = <list of headers separated by ";">
    & X-Amz-Signature = <signature>
    & X-Amz-Date = <time in ISO 8601 format>
    & X-Amz-Credential = <access-key-id>% 2F <YYYYMMDD>% 2Fru-msk% 2Fs3% 2Faws4_request


    • X-Amz-Algorithm - An indication of the version of the signature and the algorithm for its calculation. The value is AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.
    • X-Amz-Expires - Link expiration time in seconds. The maximum value is 604800 seconds (7 days).
    • X-Amz-SignedHeaders - Request headers to be signed. It is mandatory to sign the host header and any x-amz- * headers used in the request.
    • X-Amz-Signature - Request signature.
    • X-Amz-Date - Time in ISO8601 format, for example 20180719T000000Z. The date must be the same as the date in the X-Amz-Credential parameter.
    • X-Amz-Credential - Identifier for signing the format <access-key-id> / <YYYYMMDD> / ru-msk / s3 / aws4_request, where <YYYYMMDD> must match the date set in the X-Amz-Date header.

    Composing a signed URL

    To get a pre-signed URL:

    1. Calculate signature: compose a string and calculate a signature using the string signature algorithm.
    2. Compose a signed URL for your request.


    In order to compose a signed URL, you must own static access keys.

    Examples of getting a signed link

    Using the S3 CLI, you can generate a pre-signed link with the following command:

     aws s3 presign s3: // <batch_name> / <key_name> --endpoint-url http://hb.bizmrg.com --expires-in <time_in_seconds>

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