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    Operations with VM disks

    MCS instances support a variety of disk operations.

    MCS control panel

    To perform operations with virtual machine disks in your MCS personal account, you should:

    1. Go to the Virtual Machines page of the Cloud Computing section.
    2. Open the instance page, go to the "Disks" tab.

    Available operations in the section top menu:

    • Disc creation
    • Attaching an existing disk to an instance

    Available disk context menu operations:

    • Resizing the disk
    • Viewing a list of disc snapshots
    • Change disk type (requires unplugging the disk)
    • Replacing the root disk
    • Unmounting a disk
    • Create a disk snapshot (snapshot)


    After expanding the disk in the instance operating system, you must also expand it.

    For Linux OS family

    Get a list of sections

     $ fdisk -l

    Expand the required partition (in the example / dev / vda1)

     $ growpart / dev / vda 1
    $ resize2fs / dev / vda1

    For Windows OS family

    Open the Disk Management snap-in ( diskmgmt.msc ), select "Expand Partition" in the context menu of the desired partition.

    OpenStack CLI

    Instance disks are managed using the following commands:

    Get a list of disks:

     $ openstack volume list

    Get a list of virtual machines:

     $ openstack server list

    Attach or detach drive:

     $ openstack server add (remove) volume <instance ID> <disk ID>


    Changing the size of a disk using the CLI is possible only after disconnecting it from the instance.

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