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    Tags VM

    You can add tags to virtual machines - arbitrary combinations of characters that allow you to index instances or filter by a specific tag.

    MCS control panel

    To manage tags in your MCS account, you should:

    1. Go to the Virtual Machines page of the Cloud Computing section.
    2. In the context menu of the instance, in the "tagging" section, select existing tags or create a new one:
    3. When creating a new tag, it is possible to choose the color and name of the tag:
    4. You can search for instances by tag:

    OpenStack CLI

    Tags are managed in the openstack client using nova commands.

    Adding a tag:

     $ nova server-tag-add <instance ID> <tag>

    View server tags:

     $ nova server-tag-list <instance ID>

    Removing a tag:

     $ nova server-tag-delete <instance ID> <tag>

    Removing all tags for an instance:

     $ nova server-tag-delete-all <instance ID>

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