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    About the marketplace

    The App Store is an MCS service designed to quickly deploy virtual machine-based web development and administration environments. Virtual machines already contain preinstalled software.

    The following cloud services for development can be deployed in our app store:

    • Source code storage server in the cloud: GitLab CE.
    • Continuous Integration build servers: GitLab CE, Jenkins.
    • Artifact repository server: Nexus 2, Nexus 3.
    • Docker registry: Docker registry, Nexus 3, Gitlab. Integration with S3 storage is supported.
    • Monitoring: Prometheus Kit.
    • Centralized log analysis and log collection (ELK) system with support for ElasticSearch clustering.
    • Developer stacks: LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP), MEAN stack (for Node.JS application development).
    • and much more.

    Service for business

    IT infrastructure in a reliable cloud. With Cloud Marketplace applications, you can build infrastructure in one cloud, with an understandable cost and high reliability. Apps scale easily vertically and horizontally.

    Service for developers

    Flexible DevOps environment in the cloud. Developers and IT departments can save time on deploying and configuring applications. Time to market is reduced.

    Service for application vendors

    Distribution channel. You can become our partner and submit your application to the Cloud Marketplace so that it becomes available to MCS users. We support the AWS CloudFormation application packaging standard.

    How it works

    1. Select the desired cloud service in the store in the catalog.
    2. Set the amount of resources to allocate for the service.
    3. Click the "Install" button

    The application with the desired topology will automatically deploy to the cloud. In the future, the configuration of the nodes can be changed on the fly.

    Service connection

    The service is connected to a new account by default, no additional steps are required. Just go to the appropriate section and create your first virtual machine:

    Topology and scaling

    Many cloud providers provide only pre-configured virtual machine images that contain all the components of the application at once. This can be a problem for highly loaded services, as it is impossible to scale them horizontally to handle peak loads.

    Scale-out cloud services with complex topology are available in Mail.ru Cloud Marketplace. Load balancers, virtual networks and cluster solutions are created in one click.


    • Deploy solutions in a few clicks
    • Updating as new versions of applications are released
    • Application management in your personal account
    • One account for all involved solutions
    • Per-second billing of all solutions
    • Russian-language technical support 24/7
    • We create an ecosystem so customers can move their entire development environment to the cloud
    • The app store will be useful for developers of both B2B and SME segment (small / medium / enterprise). A wide range of in-demand applications are available. All applications are scalable, including horizontally
    • We allow you to deploy an application from the store on several specialized machines in the desired configuration

    Want to add your app to the Cloud Marketplace?

    If you are a vendor and want to add your application / software to our store, just write to us about it in the feedback form and we will definitely contact you for further cooperation.

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