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    Rates and limits


    The MCS platform provides several types of storage to suit individual needs:

    Hotbox tariff - suitable for storing hot data. You can store and quickly distribute media and any other frequently downloaded content through it without speed limits.

    " Icebox " tariff - suitable for storing files of infrequent use: archives, backups, etc. It is designed to store rarely used data that can be quickly accessed when needed.

    " Backup " tariff is used to store backup files of virtual machines and databases.

    For each type, there are prices for data processing and storage:

    Operation Hotbox Icebox Backup
    Storage 1.75 rubles / GB per month RUB 1.6 / GB per month 3.75 rubles / GB per month
    Outgoing traffic (download) RUB 0.8 / GB RUB 1.6 / GB is free
    Incoming traffic (loading) is free is free is free
    Type 1 queries (PUT, META, LIST) RUB 0.295 per 1000 requests RUB 0.295 per 1000 requests is free
    Type 2 requests (GET, etc.) RUB 0.295 for 10,000 requests RUB 0.59 for 10,000 requests is free
    DELETE requests is free is free is free

    * All tariffs in the table are indicated with VAT


    Limits are technical restrictions that apply to the entire MCS platform.

    The Object Storage service is characterized by the following architectural limits:

    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Accounts 25
    Buckets 25
    Objects in a bucket over
    file size 32 GB for regular file, 320 TB for multipart
    Bucket size unlimited
    Rate Limits
    Conventional request / sec: 500, request / day: 10.000.000
    Listing Request request / sec: 15, request / day: 10.000.000

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