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Special services

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1C Workplace

Cloud service "1C: Enterprise" allows you to connect on the platform Mail.ru Cloud Solutions applications "1C: Accounting", "1C: Salary and HR management", "1C: Management of our company" in the form of SaaS. The personal data uploaded to the system is stored on the territory of Russia in accordance with FZ-152. 


CDN is a content delivery network that allows you to organize the transfer of content from your servers to users with minimal time delay. Geographically distributed network infrastructure with more than 400 data centers around the world helps improve site availability, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates and stream content without losing quality. 


Open database management system with non-blocking Lua application server. The database has a high performance compared to traditional DBMS, having the same properties: persistence, ACID transactional, master-slave replication, master-master 

Private cloud

Private cloud integrates all MCS cloud services powered by Openstack products. Also referred to as an internal or enterprise cloud, a private cloud provides companies with many of the benefits of a public cloud, including self-service, scalability, and elasticity, as well as additional control and customization of the hosted on-premises computing infrastructure available from dedicated resources. In addition, private clouds provide a high level of security and privacy through the use of company firewalls and internal hosting, which prevents third-party providers from accessing operations and sensitive data.