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    How do I contact support?

    Technical support can be contacted through the following communication channels:

    Channel Information Working hours
    mail support@mcs.mail.ru around the clock
    Feedback form https://help.mail.ru/mcs/support around the clock
    Telegram chat https://t.me/mcs_sup_bot around the clock
    Facebook https://fb.me/Mail.RuCloudSolutions/ around the clock
    Vkontakte https://vk.com/mrgcloud around the clock
    Phone +7 (499) 350-97-03 around the clock


    To speed up the processing of your request, inform the technical support about your account information: login, project name and describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

    If possible, attach any available diagnostic information: screenshots, logs and other materials.

    How quickly does support respond?

    Information about the timing of the response and the provision of a solution is in the SLA section.

    I cannot change my phone number

    After registering a phone number, changing it is possible only through a request to technical support. The support team will contact the current owner to confirm the phone change.

    Can't register with my phone number

    If your phone number belongs to a country other than the Russian Federation, and has a prefix (code) not +7, then registration of such a phone will not be possible through your MCS personal account.

    I forgot my account password

    If for some reason you cannot access your account, you can recover your password using the "Recover password" option on the login screen.

    Lost my two-factor authentication app

    Two-factor authentication can only be restored by disabling this option by the technical support team. Our specialists will make sure that you are the owner of the account, and then deactivate this option for your account.

    I did not receive bonus points upon registration

    Bonus points are awarded when the first project is created in MCS; this option is not available for subsequent projects.

    I do not have enough quotas

    The expansion of resource quotas is performed upon request to technical support.

    How do I delete my account?

    The account can be deleted upon request to technical support on behalf of the project owner's account. Before deleting an account, delete all existing resources, and also unlink the card (if any).

    I do not receive letters from support

    If you don't receive an email response, try the following:

    • Check the "Spam" and "Trash" folder in your mail
    • Check if the MX record is configured correctly on your mail domain (if you have your own domain for mail)
    • Try to send a letter to yourself from any other (test) mailbox
    • Contact another communication channel

    What if I didn't find the answer to my question?

    We are constantly adding information to the Documentation portal. If you did not find the answer to your question on the portal, send your question to our support.

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