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    Terms of support

    MCS team provides technical support to customers using MCS services.

    Methods of handling

    You can submit an appeal to technical support through the following available communication channels:

    Channel Information Opening hours
    mail support@mcs.mail.ru around the clock
    Feedback form https://help.mail.ru/mcs/support around the clock
    Telegram chat https://t.me/mcs_sup_bot around the clock
    Facebook https://fb.me/Mail.RuCloudSolutions/ around the clock
    Vkontakte https://vk.com/mrgcloud around the clock
    Phone +7 (499) 350-97-03 around the clock


    To speed up the processing of your request, inform the technical support about your account information: login, project name and describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

    If possible, attach any available diagnostic information: screenshots, logs and other materials.


    The response time and solution of the request depends on the urgency and impact of the request on the information resources of clients. Below is a table of response times and solutions for all types of requests:

    Link Answer Decision
    Critical Tall Middle Low
    mail 1 hour 2 hours 8 ocloc'k 12 hours 48 hours
    Feedback form 1 hour 2 hours 8 ocloc'k 12 hours 48 hours
    Telegram chat 15 minutes 2 hours 4 hours 8 ocloc'k 48 hours
    Facebook 15 minutes 2 hours 8 ocloc'k 12 hours 48 hours
    Vkontakte 15 minutes 2 hours 8 ocloc'k 12 hours 48 hours

    Support competencies

    The list of questions that technical support can solve includes:

    • Architectural consulting on the use of MCS services
    • Diagnosing problems with the work of resources on the project
    • Account recovery issues
    • Informing about the work of billing
    • Troubleshooting recommendations
    • Assistance in setting up MCS services


    The MCS technical support team does not solve problems related to software development, debugging its own program code, as well as consulting on the work of third-party solutions.

    Technical support notifications

    The support team informs customers about failures that have occurred with a service or resource in the customer's account, and also provides recommendations for eliminating potential problems in the customer's project.

    The number of notifications also includes informing project owners about security threats or other cases that may lead to data loss or interruptions in access to MCS services.

    Individual support

    The list of services of the MCS platform includes the ability to provide priority support (Managed Services).

    This service includes extended support on all issues of implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting of client projects:

    System administration 24/7 #

    • Outsourcing of IT infrastructure and cloud services
    • Technical support
    • Monitoring and maintaining availability
    • Incident response
    • Disaster recovery

    Audit and Consulting #

    • Architecture Consulting
    • Infrastructure audit
    • Performance audit

    Configuration and implementation #

    • Monitoring setup
    • Configuring backup, high availability (HA), disaster recovery systems
    • PaaS Software Updates
    • Migration of data and information systems

    You can find out more about the service and leave a request for calculating the cost at the link https://mcs.mail.ru/managed-services/ 

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