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    Quotas and limits

    Technical and organizational constraints are necessary to ensure the stability and reliability of the platform. Resource restrictions allow platform clients to seamlessly access MCS services.


    Quotas are organizational restrictions on the operational activity of each project.

    Quotas are enforced by granting or booking resources when a request is made, such as when creating a new virtual machine. If the resource cannot be allocated, the request to create the resource is denied. If the backup succeeds, the operation continues until the backup is either converted to use (the operation was successful) or rolled back (the operation failed).

    Minimum quotas are assigned to the project when it is created.

    There are several types of messages about an insufficient number of quotas in a project:

    When creating a resource in the create request window :

    * for High-IOPS SSD:

    or (for some entities) when trying to create an entity :

    Project quotas

    The current project quotas can be seen on a separate page. To do this, click on the login in the upper right corner, and select the "Quotas" item in the drop-down menu:

    Quotas will be displayed as a graphical information list:

    For more information on a specific quota, you can click on the " i " icon on the right:

    Base quotas

    When a project is created, it is assigned resource quotas that are set by default for all new projects. Each new project does not inherit the available number of quotas from existing projects.

    Basic resource quotas are displayed at the top of each service window.

    A complete list of quotas in the project can be obtained through the CLI using the command:

     openstack quota show

    or separately for each service:

     nova quota-show
    cinder quota-show
    manila quota-show
    neutron quota-show

    The standard set of quotas is defined as follows:

    Virtual machines

    Name Value
    instances 6
    cores nine
    ram 10240
    key_pairs 100


    Name Value
    backups 400
    gigabytes 100
    gigabytes_dp1-high-iops 100
    gigabytes_ko1-high-iops 100
    snapshots 200
    volumes 3

    File storage

    Name Value
    gigabytes 100
    share_networks five
    shares five
    snapshot_gigabytes 100
    snapshots five


    Name Value
    floatingip 1
    loadbalancer 3
    network ten
    pool thirty
    port thirty
    router 3
    security_group 3
    security_group_rule 200
    subnet ten

    Increase in quotas


    If you would like to increase the limit or quota above the default limit, please submit a support request.

    We will use virtual processor quotas as an example. To request an increase in the virtual CPU quota, you need to decide how many additional virtual CPUs you want to use. Also determine which quotas are required additionally, then create a request to technical support indicating:

    • account name
    • project number (mcs_pid)
    • type of quota
    • how much increase is required

    Technical limits

    The stability of the MCS services is ensured by the appointment of technical limits for the platform. These are general limitations due to the MCS architecture.

    The current technical limitations have the following meanings:


    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Administrators in the project 50
    Instances in the project 1000
    Size of one instance in GB depends on (Disk) + (RAM)
    Created projects in account fifteen

    Instance CPU

    80 vCPU
    High-Freq CPU for an instance 40 vCPU
    Instance GPU 4
    Instance RAM 1024 GB

    Kubernetes containers

    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Nod 100
    Pod at the node 110
    Cluster entities 3000
    Cluster name length k8s and node group 24 characters


    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Instance disks 28
    HDD volume 50 TB
    SSD disk space 10 TB
    Disk space SSD-HIGH-IOPS 2 TB
    File storage volume 50 TB


    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Firewall groups 200
    Firewall rules within a group 50
    Project networks ten
    Network subnets ten
    Balancers ten
    Balancer rules 100


    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Autobackup plans 50
    Number of backups 200
    Backup size 320 TB
    Snapshot size not limited

    S3 buckets

    Parameter Quantity / volume
    Accounts 25
    Buckets 25
    Objects in a bucket over
    file size 32 GB for regular file, 320 TB for multipart
    Bucket size unlimited
    Rate Limits
    Conventional request / sec: 500, request / day: 10.000.000
    Listing Request request / sec: 15, request / day: 10.000.000

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