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    Restoring a VM from a copy

    Restoring an instance from a backup helps you create a copy of a virtual machine at a specific point in time when the backup point was created.


    Incremental backups are consolidated into a full backup according to the schedule configured in the Backup plan.

    When recovering, you should only focus on a full instance backup.

    MCS control panel

    To restore a backup in your MCS account, you should:

    1. Go to the "Backup" section of the "Cloud Computing" service.
    2. Go to the required backup plan in the "Automatic" or "Manual" section, the interface for viewing backups will appear:
    3. In the context menu of the recovery point, select "Create instance copy":
    4. Configure the parameters of the instance being restored from the backup:
    5. Select "Create a copy of an instance from a backup", after which the creation of a new virtual machine will begin.

    OpenStack CLI

    You can create an instance from a backup using the karbor package of the Openstack CLI toolkit. To do this, you need to run the following commands:

    Get a list of providers:

     $ karbor provider-list

    Get a list of backup plans:

     $ karbor plan-list

    Get a list of restore points:

     $ karbor checkpoint-list <provider ID> --plan_id <plan ID>

    Perform recovery using item IDs from the previous steps:

     $ karbor restore-create <provider ID> <restore point ID>

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