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    Manual backup

    Creating a manual backup can be useful for urgently creating a virtual machine restore point.


    Before performing high-risk operations with the settings of an instance or its data, it is recommended to perform a full backup, which will allow you to return the virtual machine to its original state before the changes occur.

    MCS control panel

    To create a manual backup copy of an instance in your MCS account manually, you should:

    1. Go to the "Virtual Machines" section of the "Cloud Computing" service.
    2. In the context menu of the instance, select "Create backup":
    3. Enter the name of the created backup:
    4. Click "Create backup". A notification about the start of the backup creation will appear in the interface.

    OpenStack CLI

    To create a backup in the karbor client:

    Get a list of providers:

     $ karbor provider-list

    Get a list of resources that can be backed up:

     $ karbor protectable-list

    Get a list of instances available for backup:

     $ karbor protectable-list-instances OS :: Nova :: Server

    Create a backup plan:

     $ karbor plan-create '<name>' '<provider ID>' 'Server ID' = 'OS :: Nova :: Server' = '<resource name>'

    Create a backup:

     $ karbor checkpoint-create <provider ID> <plan ID>

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