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    Backups and recovery

    How to backup a VM

    You can back up your instance manually or using an (automatic) backup plan.

    A manual copy is available for creation from the context menu of an instance using the "Create backup" button, as well as on the "Backup" tab of the "Cloud computing" service.

    The backup plan is configured when you create a VM or on the Backup tab of the Cloud Computing service.

    What are the backups

    There are several types for automatic creation of backups:

    • Full - a complete copy of the instance state at the time of the backup
    • Incremental - a differential backup, when not all files are copied, but only new and modified ones since the last full backup was created. This type of backup greatly speeds up the backup process.

    An incremental backup requires a full backup to be performed at least once a week.

    When using automatic backup, the backup is saved in a special bucket of the "Object Storage" service, which is managed by the backup service and cannot be deleted or changed.

    How many backups can be stored

    The maximum storage depth for automatic backups is 200 pieces. When the set storage limit is reached, old backups will be automatically deleted.

    Will backups be lost

    Backups are stored in a safe place from failures - Object storage, which is automatically replicated to maintain data integrity. Backups are not deleted in case of hardware or service failure.

    How long does the backup take

    The time it takes to create a backup depends on the amount of data on the disk of the instance being backed up. During the creation of a backup copy, an internal mechanism runs on the virtual machine, launched from the operating system. A sufficient amount of CPU and RAM resources are required for the backup to work correctly, therefore it is not recommended to use a virtual machine configuration with a low amount of CPU and RAM resources to avoid performance degradation when performing a backup.

    How does recovery work?

    To restore an instance to a specific date, you need a full manual or full created at that time and all subsequent incremental automatic backups. Starting the restore creates an additional instance with the name of the virtual machine specified during the restore.

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