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    Image import and export

    Image import


    Currently, images in the vmdk, qcow2, raw, iso format are supported.

    It is possible to load an individual image of a virtual machine, created earlier locally, into an MCS project using the following tools:

    MCS panel

    To upload an image in your MCS account, you should:

    1. Go to the Images page of the Cloud Computing service.
    2. Select "Create" in the top menu:
    3. In the window that appears, select a file as a source, specify a file and enter the name of the created image:
    4. Click "Create Image".


    Enabling the "Allow access to all projects" option allows the image to be used in all client projects.

    Openstack CLI

    To download the image in the OpenStack client, run the command:

     $ openstack image create --private --container-format bare --disk-format raw --property store = s3 --file <file.raw> <image_name>

    If the instance created from the image must support backup, you must load it with the metadata of the presence of the guest agent:

     $ openstack image create --private --container-format bare --disk-format raw --file <file.raw> --property hw_qemu_guest_agent = yes --property store = s3 --property os_require_quiesce = yes < image_name >

    Depending on the format of the downloaded file, you need to specify the appropriate value for the --disk-format key:

    • raw
    • vhd
    • vhdx
    • vmdk
    • vdi
    • iso
    • qcow2

    Export image

    Images can be downloaded from MCS to use virtual machine data on-premises.

    OpenStack CLI

    To upload an image using an OpenStack client:

    Get a list of images:

     $ openstack image list

    Initiate the image boot process by running the command:

     $ openstack image save --file <path> <image ID>

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