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    Sharing images

    Sharing an image across multiple projects allows you to speed up deployment of instances.

    MCS panel

    When creating an image, select the "Allow access to all projects" item:

    In this case, the image will not appear automatically in other projects - but a proposal will appear to add it to the project.

    OpenStack CLI

    To set up image sharing in the OpenStack client:

    Get a list of images:

     $ openstack image list

    Set up sharing for an image:

     $ openstack image set --shared <image ID>

    Add a partner project for an image:

     $ openstack image add project <image ID> <partner project ID>

    Next, the partner needs to confirm the addition of the image to the project:

     $ openstack image set --accept <image ID>

    To view projects that have access to the image, run:

     $ openstack image member list <image ID>

    To remove an image from a project, the owner should do:

     $ openstack image remove project <image ID> <project ID>

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