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    Resizing the disk

    Changing the size of a disk is possible only upward from the original size. The disk can be increased without stopping the server and disconnecting, however, to ensure the safety of existing data, the safest way to perform the operation is to first disconnect the disk.

    MCS control panel

    To increase the size in your MCS account you should:

    1. Go to the "Disks" section of the "Cloud Computing" service.
    2. In the context menu of the disk, select "Change disk size":
    3. In the window for changing the disk size, enter the required value in GB, click "Confirm"

    If you change the disk without stopping the instance, then the operating system must expand the disk.
    In Windows: open the Disk Management snap-in (diskmgmt.msc), select "Expand Partition" in the context menu of the required partition.

    For Linux OS you need to use the commands:

     $ fdisk -l
    $ growpart / dev / vda 1
    $ sudo resize2fs / dev / vda1

    OpenStack CLI

    To increase the disk size in the CLI, you must first disconnect the disk:

     $ openstack server remove volume <server ID> <disk ID>

    Next, increase the size:

     $ openstack volume set --size <Size> <Disk ID>

    You can get a list of disks with the command:

     $ openstack volume list --long

    You can increase the size of the disk attached to the instance using the cinder client command:

     $ cinder extend <disk ID> <size>

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