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    Security groups

    A security group is a set of configurable allowing traffic flow rules that can be assigned to instance ports.

    Important limitation

    GRE traffic is available only on ext-net networks.

    Creating a security group

    You can create a security group on the "Firewall Settings" page of the "Virtual Networks" section in your MCS account using the "Add" button:

    Viewing the list of rules

    To view the current list of rules in a security group, open the desired security group in the group list on the Firewall Settings page. A window for viewing and editing group rules will appear:

    Assigning a rule group to an instance

    To apply a rule set to a virtual machine, the security group containing the rule set must be applied to the virtual machine.

    To assign a group to an instance, go to the group settings and select "Add a virtual machine" in the " Virtual machines with rule group " section. In the menu that appears, select the instances to which the group will be added:

    Removing a security group

    Removing security groups is done through the "Delete" option in the group context menu on the "Firewall settings" page.


    A group cannot be deleted as long as there are ports that use this group. Also, the "default" security group cannot be removed.

    Operations in OpenStack CLI

    To create a security group in the OpenStack client, run the command:

     $ openstack security group create --description <group description> <new group name>

    Change description, group name:

     $ openstack security group set --description <description> --name <name> <group ID>

    Add a group to an instance:

     $ openstack server add security group <instance ID> <security group ID>

    Unlink a group from an instance:

     $ openstack server remove security group <instance ID> <security group ID>

    View security group rules:

     $ openstack security group rule list --long <security group ID>

    Delete group:

     $ openstack security group delete <group ID>

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