Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

In your account you can enable two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification) is a type of multi-factor authentication. DFA – is a technology that provides user identification using a combination of two different components. The components may be different, but the following combinations are most often used:

  • password + code from message 
  • password + code from token or application
  • password + code from email 

MCS services use a combination of “password + application”. Installation information and links to download applications for generating one-time codes below:

  • Google Authentication
  • Duo

Connection the app

  • Go to the profile settings in the “Security” tab and click “Enable Protection”:


  • Access the Google Authenticator or Duo app on your phone
  • Scan the QR-code from the personal account in the app
  • Return to your personal MCS account and (in the window as in the screen below) enter the code generated by the application and the password for the account. Then click “Enter
  • Also, it’s possible to enter the application connection code manually – to do this, click on the link under your QR-code “click here”. Then enter your username and code.
  • On the next page a list of backup codes will appear


If the backup codes are lost and you don’t have access to the mailbox specified as MCS account, you won’t be able to regain access to the MCS account.

Keep the backup codes in a safe place.

Login to your account using two-factor authentication

  • Go to the site
  • Enter the username and password for your account
  • Enter the one-time code generated by the application in the window for entering code and click “Enter”

Shutdown two-factor authentication

  • Go to the profile settings in the “Security” tab and click “Disable protection
  • Enter the password from account and code from the application. Click “Disable

 Centralized storage for password

Applications for centralized password storage:

  • Lastpass
  • 1password