About service

About service

Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) is a platform for creating highly loaded and scalable IT-applications.

The platform includes:

  • Cloud Servers: virtual machines and additional tools for configuring them;
  • Cloud Storage: Object Storage with S3 API Support;
  • Cloud GPU: GPU-based cloud computing;
  • Cloud Containers: Kubernetes containers in the cloud;
  • Cloud Big Data: Cloud Big Data processing;
  • Cloud Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB cloud databases;
  • Machine Learning: a service for the rapid development of machine learning applications.


For 20 years we have been developing our own infrastructure with millions of users. This experience helps us to create advanced services for digital business and developers at an affordable price.

Benefits of building applications on MCS:

  • Data storage in Russia
  • Reliable TIER III
  • Self-management via web interface or API
  • Per second charge upon use
  • Support for prepaid and postpaid billing system
  • SLA 99.95% with financial guarantees
  • 24/7 free support and cloud architecture consulting

If you have questions or suggestions – write to us in support or in Telegram.

Functions of MCS services



Includes in service





Virtual machines

Cloud Servers

Virtual servers in cloud

Graphics adapter

Cloud GPU

Accelerated cloud computing based on the NVIDIA GPU


Cloud Containers

PaaS-service for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters with Docker container virtualization




Private network (VPC)

Cloud Servers

A set of resources MCS, networked and isolated from other resources


Cloud Servers

VPN-connection of private network MCS with remote networks

Load Balancer

Cloud Servers

A layer 4 and layer 7 load balancer that distributes incoming traffic between Cloud Server instances



Data Storage


Object Storage

Cloud Storage

S3-compatible object storage

Block Storage

Cloud Storage

“Hard disk in the cloud”, a file system for Cloud Servers virtual machines

Network Storage System (S-SHD)

Cloud Servers

“Network disk in the cloud”, a file system for simultaneous access of several Cloud Servers virtual machines 






Cloud Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB




Big Data

Cloud Big Data

PaaS-service, is intended for cloud analysis of Big Data based on Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Kafka technologies

Connect machine learning via API

Sounds, Vision (included in Machine Learning)

Embedding machine learning elements in applications through the API: machine vision, audio analytics

Pre-configured Neural Network Learning Environment

Machine Learning

Fast deployment of a pre-configured neural network ready for training




Backup service

Cloud Servers

-        Creation backups for virtual machines Cloud Servers, included its block storages and configurations

-        Backups according to plan

-        Storage Lifecycle settings

  • Recovery from backups

Snapshot service

Cloud servers

Instant snapshot of the Cloud Servers virtual machine block storage snapshot




Configuration management service

Cloud servers

Automatic deployment of Cloud Servers virtual machines and other MCS services from templates based on the OpenStack Heat service

Image Storage Service

Cloud Servers

Uploading images of machines to the cloud, deploying images to Cloud Servers virtual machines