Balance and account replenishment

Balance and account replenishment

Payment methods


The choice of replenishment method determines whether accounting documents for the reporting period will be provided. If you pay by bank transfer or bank account – it will be; with any other – it won’t.

  • You can replenish your account with bank cards:




  • Through payment system:





  • Through mobile operator:





It’s how the payment window looks through operator and through payment services: 


*pay by phone


**pay by transaction number



Replenishment account

  • Go to the project administration interface, then go to “Balance”
  • Click “Top up balance”


  • Enter the amount and select a payment method
  • If you pay from the account of a legal entity, select “Bank Transfer”. A file with an account downloaded to the computer.



When you first replenish the balance, you need to choose your status: legal entity, individual entrepreneur or individual. After that, changing the selection will be impossible.


Specification of balance

In the “Balance” section, information on debiting and replenishment is available. To show the detail:

  • Fill in the fields beginning - end of the period.
  • Select the frequency of debiting or replenishing will be show.
  • Choose the type of operation drilldown will be shown.

Detailing will automatically refresh on the page.

Also, you can download account details in Excel format (*.xls). Click the button for doing it:


a file will be downloaded to your computer.


Expense Notification

You can set a monthly spending limit for every MCS-project. You will receive an email notification when you reach the specified limit. 

The corresponding setting can be done in the section of your account “Balance”.