MCS control panel

MCS control panel device


The MCS control panel, or personal account, consists of a service panel (on the left), the main working screen (in the center), and an information panel (on the right, usually hidden – but accessible by clicking on the “Help” icon). Also, MCS services documentation is always available at this link.

After confirming the account (see below), the default page will open – the Main page – and quick actions with all MCS services are available on it.

Notifications of new services and features

In the upper right corner of your account is a bell icon. When you click on it, you will see the latest news about the service – new features, updates for current services and so on

Account verification

After registration and first entrance to the control panel, you need to confirm your phone number for the account.

After entering the code from SMS, MCS services will be available to you.

If the activation method of your account doesn’t suit you, write to us in the feedback form.

Project switching

You can create new projects within one account. To do this, click on the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the control panel and select “Add new project”:

Select a project name:

The project name should consist only of lowercase Latin letters and numbers, be 4 to 60 characters long. The characters “_”, “-“ may be used (except for the first and last characters).

You can also quickly copy the project PID to the clipboard:


After registration you are given a bonus balance of 150 rubles and a quota sufficient for testing the service (2 processors, 2 GB of RAM, 1 virtual machine). The picture below shows how the panel with quotas looks (the values in the picture don’t coincide with the starting ones).

More information you can read in articles about quotas.



The price shown in the pictures in this article may not correspond to the actual price. You can view current tariffs on the tariffs page.


The list of services offered is constantly updated. You can find current services on the page




Cloud computing

Virtual machines

The Cloud computing section is the first and the main (it depends on your tasks, of course). Here, you can add and manage virtual machines. 

  • Quick start virtual machine
  • Virtual machine management
  • Network settings


The list of actions for virtual machines in this section depends on the type of virtual machine. For example, you can only change the cluster size in “Containers”\”Kubernetes Clusters” section.


The Backup section is designed to create separate backups.

  • Backup help section
  • Backup virtual machine
  • Automatic backup

Key pairs

The Key pairs section is intended for creating and managing key pairs. Key SSH pairs are needed to securely connect to your virtual machines.

  • Networks
  • Key pair and rules for the network


The Disks section is intended for creating and managing (connecting, disconnecting, deleting, resizing) virtual disks (HDD\SSD\CEPH).

  • Disks
  • Backups


The Images section is intended for download and manage your virtual machine images in the MCS service. Read in details in the article “Working with Images in the MCS Control Panel”

File storage

The File storage section is intended to create and manage file storage – a virtual hard disk. It’s based on NFS file system and can be connected over the Internet to your virtual machines, smart TV, phones and other devices that support this technology.

  • File storage
  • Tariffs

Virtual network

The Virtual network section is intended for create and manage your virtual networks\subnets and connecting its to your virtual machines.


  • Networks
  • Network setting
  • Load balancers
  • VPN in the MCS control panel

Firewall settings

The Firewall settings section is intended for access setting to network or between networks of your virtual machines.

  • Firewall settings
  • Network settings

Load balancers

The Load balancer section is intended for manage load balancers. Load balancers distribute traffics\load between virtual machines.

  • Load balancers
  • Networks settings


This section views networks created by you.

  • Networks
  • Floating IP by virtual machines


This section views VPN created by you.

  • VPN in MCS control panel
  • Add of subnet to VPN

Market place

The Marketplace section is intended for create and manage virtual environment of web-development, monitoring and others.

  • About service
  • Connection and management


Object Storage

The Object storage section is intended for load and manage you data – Hotbox or Icebox.

  • Common information
  • Work with buckets
  • Tariffs






Clusters Kubernetes

The Clusters Kubernetes section is intended for create and manage containers – test environment based on Kubernetes technology.

  • Common information
  • Quick start Kubernetes cluster

Data Bases

Instance of Data bases

The Data base section is intended for create and manage virtual machine with pre-installed DBMSs with its controls.

  • Start instance DBMS
  • Tariffs

Analytics Data bases

This section is intended for create and manage of instances and clusters analytics data bases, including Arenadata DB.

If you want to connect opportunity to create analytic data bases you can submit your application on page


Big Data

This section is intended for create and manage virtual environment treatment of Big Data.

  • Common information
  •  Work with clusters Hadoop and Spark


Graphics Adapters

This section is designed to create and manage virtual machine with high-performance graphic processors (video card). At the moment, the section becomes available only upon request for technical support.

  • Common information

Machine learning

This section is designed to create and manage virtual development environment of applications based on deep learning. Environments are deployed from images with preinstalled and configured neural network training services and drivers.

  • Common information
  • Face recognition
  • API for face recognition

Special services

Special services are services that aren’t directly related to the main functionality of the MCS Platform (virtual machines). But when you use these services in conjunction with virtual machines, you can significantly of your cloud infrastructure – both in terms of protection and in terms of speed and flexibility.

To connect/use these services, leave a request on the page of your personal account “Special Services” by clicking on the appropriate button.

Access control

This section is intended for manage common access in MCS control panel.

  • Common access to account
  • Administrators control


This section is intended for displaying expense details, as well as for managing balance replenishment – through a card (individuals) or through account generation (legal entities)

  • Balance and account replenishment
  • Auto balance

Other software


On issue of configuration, refinement and documentation of (third-party) software not pre-installed in virtual machines – we can provide consultations only within the framework of the Managed Services Project, for an additional fee.