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Virtual networks

Mail.ru Cloud Networks manages the network access of virtual machines, allows you to add load balancers to them, combine them in networks and subnets, configure routers and firewalls. You can set up VPN, CDN, Private DNS. Visualization of the network topology is available.

Sections of Virtual networks

Load balancers

Information about the possibilities of distributing traffic among several network devices in order to optimize the use of resources, reduce the time for servicing requests, and ensure fault tolerance. 


Configuring rules for network access to virtual machines using a set of IP filtering rules. 


Secure virtual tunnels between multiple private networks by combining remote company branches into a single network and providing an organization with access to its project resources in the MCS cloud without using additional software or hardware. 


Creation and management of private networks, as well as additional services for more convenient work with network interfaces and virtual networks in the cloud.