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Creating a project

Projects are organizational units in the cloud to which users can be assigned. A user can be a member of one or more projects.

During registration, a user with the "Project Owner" role and the project itself are created. You can assign one or more projects to a user, and change or remove an assignment. You can learn more about roles and their capabilities here.

Additional projects can be created to separate resources, roles, or other architectural features of the tasks being implemented.

You can create a project in your personal account in the header of the page. For this:

  1. Click "+ Add New Project".
  2. Enter a name for the project. The name should consist only of lowercase Latin letters and numbers, from 4 to 60 characters long. It is allowed to use the characters ".", "_", "-" (except for the first and last characters).
  3. Click Save.

When creating a new project, the user receives the role of "Owner" regardless of his role in the current project.