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Basic services

Cloud Computing

Rent a cloud server, file and block storage, unlimited support for applications and services

Object storage

Storing and transferring data in its original form via S3 API and UI


Auto-scaling services and applications under Kubernetes-based workloads.

Networks and content delivery


CDN is a content delivery network that allows you to organize the transfer of content from your servers to users with minimal time delay


Public and private DNS, providing name resolution for VK Cloud platform services

Virtual networks

Servers consolidation into local networks, private DNS, VPN, traffic balancing and filtering


Analytical DB

Powerful distributed analytic database for large projects powered by Greenplum


Managed and scalable cloud databases

Big Data

Cloud Streams

Cloud Streams clusters for working with large datasets

Big Data

Scalable PaaS big data analytics service powered by Hadoop, Spark and NiFi

MLOps and AI

ML Platform

Platform for the full cycle of ML development and collaboration of Data teams


Machine learning based face and object recognition technology

Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice is a speech recognition and synthesis service based on Marusya voice assistant technologies


High performance cloud computing and neural network training with NVIDIA® Tesla

Management and administration

Cloud Alerting

Service of notifications about changes in key metrics of cloud services


Features of backup services


Efficient resource monitoring with a wide range of metrics

Additional services and guides

Getting Started

Information about services, personal account, legal information and details


A set of tools for accounting for the use of resources, generating reports, interacting with payment systems and obtaining financial documents

Use cases

Installing LAMP, FAMP, ELK, Docker CE on CentOS, Ubuntu and other Linux-based operating systems


Transferring an existing virtual infrastructure to the VK Cloud