Enterprise Cloud Solutions from Mail.ru Group

Scalable and secure Russian IT services in the cloud for infrastructure and development


Cloud Solutions from Mail.ru Group:

20 years in the making – based on the internal infrastructure of Mail.ru Group
5 years’ experience working with cloud solutions
Extensive knowledge of implementation and development within OpenStack
Integrate seamlessly with other solutions
Price calculated per second
Support from Russia’s leading IT experts
99.95% uptime
SLA with financial guarantees
support in English and Russian
with Russian data localization laws 152 and 242 FZ
highly secure connections to the cloud
automation and integration

Test right now absolutely free. Deploy your infrastructure and develop your applications with Mail.ru Cloud Solutions today.

About FZ-152

Compliance with legislation

All services provided by Mail.ru Cloud Solutions fully comply with Russian legislation concerning the protection of personal data and ensure this data will be held according to 152-FZ on data protection and privacy.

Our platform is certified by the Russian executive body FSTEC (Federal Service for Technology and Export Control) and has been approved to store and process personal data.

Cloud computing in the Russian Federation

The cloud itself is located within the Russian Federation and all aspects involved in protecting confidential information have gone through a conformity assessment and received the necessary certificates by the relevant authorities.

The Mail.ru Cloud Solutions platform is a turnkey solution for organizations who are required to comply to 152-FZ and need to optimize the costs of building and owning secure IT infrastructure.

Areas of Use

Web sites

Publish your website with dynamic or static content

Hybrid cloud

Strengthen local infrastructure services using cloud resources through a secure private network

Mobile and web application development

Move your backend resources to the cloud. Begin using MVP and develop new application features all in one place

Applications in the cloud

Move away from an on-premise model and offer subscription based services

Machine learning

Use advanced analytics technologies without upfront costs: deep learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, financial analysis, text recognition and face recognition

Big data analytics in real time

Create applications which are optimized for big data projects on Apache Hadoop and Spark

High performance computing

Deploy projects in the cloud that require resource-intensive computing power: render video files and computing graphics; analyze cartographic data for geographic mapping and various other projects involving scientific modelling

Media hosting

Host your image, video and audio resources in the cloud where they can be consumed by millions of users

Cloud backups on object storage

Create applications whose data and configurations can be seamlessly backed up to the cloud

Electronic document management

Organize your business’ administration services in the cloud